Half-Life 2: Wars Multiplayer Released

In November 2007, the Half-Life community has witnessed something most people have been dreaming of: a RTS Half-Life 2. The mod allowed players to control their rebel squads in single-player and to battle against the combine. The next update in July, 2008 was another great release with some new content and fixes, but it was still in single-player. This November though, the Half-Life 2: Wars team has blessed us with it’s new multiplayer release of the mod, alongside with three multiplayer game modes: Overrun, Antlion Skirmish and Antlion Capture the Flag.

Me and Joker waiting to kill some grubs.


The new trend of game modes. In Overrun several players take control of the Combines, each player with their own garrison. Players must work together to build defenses, create units and… well… pray that the unlimited amount of Antlions won’t beat their asses and destroy their bases. Don’t worry though, you have time to prepare yourself in between the wave breaks, and the higher the wave is, the more time you have. This game mode is similar to Gears of War’s Horde, Halo ODST’s Fire Fight or L4D’s Survival. Good news is that you will be able to put hopper mines, turrets, and every single type of Combine soldier *shotgun reload sound*.

Antlion Skirmish

This is the classic multiplayer RTS battle. Each player gets their own Antlion colony with the color they’ve chosen. Other than kill their opponents, each player can capture “pheromone markers” that produce Antlion grubs, which after are logically raised by Workers and soon become warriors!  In layman’s terms, the grubs become your source for more Antlion soldiers. The match is over when one player takes over all of the opponent’s colonies.

EDIT: Killing your opponents also gives you points which you can then use to make more units.

Antlion Capture the Flag… or Point.

Same story as Antlion Skirmish, but this time you have to capture each colony’s flag. ‘Nuff said.

EDIT: I apologize for the mistake. From what I have just seen, the so called Capture the Flag is actually Capture the Point. In every map there’s a point in the middle of it. One player must bring his squad there and take control of it. When taken control of, a timer sets up, and in order to win that match the player has to keep the flag/control point until the timer is out. If another player takes over the control point, the timer resets. To make it obvious which player is currently handling the control point, the timer is colorized by that player’s color.

I have 58 seconds to take back the point, or else my opponent wins

What are you waiting for? Download this wonderful mod now.

So far no third party servers are available, so for now you can join HL2: War’s public server at (Open console, and type “connect″)

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