Overwatch 1.3.5 Released

Two new maps, two new game modes, and a ton of new fun. Overwatch used to be a mystery mod with no screen shots nor videos. No one knew what it was about, but it’s concept art looked absolutely epic. Today, Overwatch is dominating their progress, releasing new patches almost monthly.

In this update, two new maps have been added, each with their own game mode.


Do you remember the canals map in the Half-Life 2 campaign? Well, it’s not the same map, but it’s similar.  On this map, the Resistance has to get to it’s objective before it’s time runs out. Yea, that’s right, a time trial. The Overwatch on the other hand has to either kill the rebels, or just slow them down enough for the countdown to end. So easy for the Combine, isn’t it? But there’s more. The Overwatch can also spawn a Helicopter near the end, and has control over hopper-mine-dropping-Scanners. Also, the Resistance can’t revive their teammates in the middle of the battle. Canals will include checkpoints where dead players will respawn as reinforcement, similar to L4D’s technique.



This is a horror themed map. Again, we have a countdown, but this time the Overwatch has to take over a bunker that the Resistance is defending. This map is dark and complicating due to it’s twists and turns, and of course since it’s horror, it has zombies. Zombies aren’t controlled by anyone (although OW can send out headcrab pods) and they kill both the Rebels and the Combine. In the end, the map becomes very fun and and hooking, especially as the Resistance.


To check out the entire Change Log, go here.

To download the new update, simply go to www.overwatchmod.com (Notice if you already have the last Overwatch version installed, you can easily update it by launching Overwatch and clicking “Yes” when it asks you to download the new update)

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