The Stargate Mod Update

Now I have never been interested in Stargate mods because of a simple reason like… I never watched Stargate. Although due to it’s popularity level, I believe I can say that I am aware of how the story is. Anyway, The Stargate Mod has put up a new update today, and no, it’s not a media update. Well it got one picture, but that’s not the point.

In this update the director of the mod Amogan talks about how they try to make the mod similar to the TV series. One of their approaches is to create all maps in one, and get rid of loading screens, which of course gives you that feeling that you are in a real world.

“As casually mentioned before in the multi-sky announcement and as can be seen in our most recent DHD video demonstration (check it out if you haven’t yet) one of our mods key features is what we internally refer to as multi-planet mode. Crunching a number of independent worlds into one single multiplayer map for the players to explore or conquer, because that is what the Stargate is all about, which in turn is the central object around which this mod revolves. So we would like to enable players to freely roam around multiple locations without having to wait for another map file to load in between. Otherwise the Stargate wouldn’t be much of a gameplay mechanic.”

A lot of people were complaining that this mod only used 6 digits for the DHD while in the original series it’s  7, so the rest of the update goes on defending the team’s choice to use 6.

“I’d like to just go into why we went with the six symbols + red button approach a bit further as that has been asked the most. There are three main reasons:

  1. The DHD only has 38 glyph buttons. This is also why DHDs can be exchanged from one Stargate to another without malfunctioning. This alone is reason enough in our eyes but let’s hear the other two.
  2. Suppose you had to push one extra button which is a different symbol for every Stargate/DHD but would for obvious reasons always be at the same spot. That’s just a waste of time and effort. Typing in a six digit code is hard enough when taking fire or on a time limit. Misdialing while an important part of the game and adding to the experience a lot can easily turn into frustration when occurring too often. This is a delicate balance and we found that our six is just about right.
  3. Of less importance but still relevant to a small team tackling an ambitious list of features and still wanting to release this mod some time sooner or later we are all in favor of not having to spend time putting different DHD’s with different symbols on each planet.”

Finally, for the dessert the update shows us a very sweet and delicious picture of the new never-seen map… which is currently code named “Another Fallen City”.

"Now treat yourself to this preview screenshot of a new, yet unnamed location. Another fallen city. ;)"

Well, as for a non-Stargate fan, it caught my attention. Not to mention the first time a Stargate mod caught my attention and got me tracking it. If it hadn’t… I wouldn’t be writing about it here.

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