Blue Portals Review

This is a review of Blue Portals, a Portal mod developed by Reepblue and Colossal, along with the music designer Hamster Alliance.

Blue portals is a pleasantly difficult mod, in which you are only allowed to use the blue portal gun along with the pre-placed orange portals. Reepblue introduces several new innovative features that make this mod stand out. Find out what they are my review for Blue Portals.

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    • heh, i wish i knew russian… google translate to the rescue!

      This is what it translated to-
      Your information on subject matter – Blue Portals Review | – Mod News, Gameplays and Reviews your site http: // simply class. The truth is a pity that video is not present.

      What do you mean the video isnt present???
      Что вы имеете в виду видео isnt настоящее???

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