Update – April 2, 2011

So, just keepin in touch a little. Pretending im all special and you guys care what i do :P

I’m working on a Resident Evil 4 Playthrough, with mods.

It took awhile to start, but i had to find a new way to capture it, because i was sick and f-ing tired of fraps.

Just when all hope was lost i found this-


A legit guide on how to record games using a Screen Capture Driver and Virtual Dub,

So far, the biggest downfalls of it are; the codec he recommends recording in doesnt work with adobe premire (what i use to render) so i need to re-run the file though virtual dub (i use a lagarith lossless codec; and you almost NEED to be in windowed mode to record. (thank GOD for demos), this new way of recording is great because it keeps my  framerate up in game, and records to a reasonable file size and great quality.


I missed april fools :(, i didnt get to post about it… oh well…


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