Breaking into something fun: Outpost 16

Using jaw-dropping visuals, incredible voice acting and nonstop action, Outpost 16 shows what a Half Life 2 Mod has the capability of being in a sadly short package.

After a while of reviewing Source Engine mods, you come to know what to slightly expect. What prefab objects are going to be thrown in there, which textures, sounds etc. Not that this is a bad thing, but occasionally a mod will become painfully predictable in its mechanics or even outright disappointing because of its lack of ingenuity.

Outpost 16 breaks all of my preconceived notions is yet another masterpiece of a Mod in the Source Engine. Despite it being painfully short, the action scenes are intense, the mapping and visuals are jaw-dropping and the voice acting and plot feel like a genuine Valve product.



You (Gordon Freeman) along with Alyx Vance have been given the mission to visit a Combine Outpost and meet up with a group of rebels attempting to topple it. When you reach there at last you come to the shocking realization that it’s actually a base and not an outpost,  and after your party comes after attack by the combine you and Alyx are forced to break through the outer layers and proceed with the plan.

I might as well get this off my chest now: The voice acting. My god. It was perfect. It took me a good 10 minutes to realize that the Alyx Vance lines I where hearing where not recycled from the Half life 2 games and have all been done by a fantastic actress. She captured the character perfectly and the voices of the Rebel Leader and other additional talents where indistinguishable from the normal rebel sound files. Unlike most mods where voice acting can cripple a final product, it was done flawlessly. Other mod projects should easily take a page from Outpost 16, as it’s becoming an alarming trend to have sub-par voice acting or sometimes not at all. (I’m looking at you, Portal Prelude.)

As for mapping, it’s equally as breathtaking. While it’s also somewhat laggy in spots, the mapping is a top-notch vista of crumpled buildings, twisted steel and flames erupting from buildings long gone with the passage of time. Combine tanks snake around the piles of debris far below you and Alyx as you attempt to sneak by unnoticed. Gunships attempt to pummel you and the actual end of the mod takes place in a fantastic and very open government parliament building. The fights are intense, open, fast and a whole lot of fun with fantastic visual eye candy.

The only things I can really nitpick about Outpost 16 would be the lack of lip syncing, which can look confusing when paired with normal and expressive character animations, and of course, optimization issues. None of these come close to breaking it or making it unplayable, but those are the only really huge issues to address. That, and of course, it feels very short and ends right when you expect the action to pick up.

Hopefully there will be a sequel sometime soon to this fantastic Mod, but in the meantime we will just have to wait patiently and see what amazing content the modding community has next for us.

Check out the Mod Here:


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