Singing songs of horror with Portal – Vocaloid Edition

Obviously without any sort of new content beyond asset replacements, Portal Vocaloid Edition fills the void that only strange and robotic J-Pop can provide.

Like Portal? Like Vocalid? Here you go.

I’m constantly reminded how strange the internet is. From horrible fanfictions to Youtube Poops, there is always something stranger on the horizion. My daily dose of WTF today came from a small mod called Portal – Vocaloid edition, which in a nutshell, replaces the Chell and GLaDOS models with characters from the same name and changing some of the music to unfitting J-pop.

It’s a bit unnerving at first play because of how increased in scale Chell is now… large head, pale face and kind expression looking onwards vacantly as you progress through the Portal levels. With the identical rigging/running animations, this Anime-Chell walks with a chilling uncanney valley stride despite the effect being done overall very well. I’m also tempted to think they used the same Chell body but simply replaced the head and colored her skin white, but I’m not too sure. (And don’t want to check.)



But the real WTF comes in during the GLaDOS encounter. Instead of the massive tower of machinery and poking wires, we see a large, scaled up and upside down Anime character taking the place of GLaDOS, her expression not changing or mouth moving when she speaks. Due to (What I assume) are the original GLaDOS animations, her neck sometimes inhunamley moves to the side while her body convulses, making the entire image chilling and slightly more unnerving to look at. The fight is identical to Portal (If not a bit easier, I noticed hitting this new GLaDOS with rockets had a lower chance of missing.) beyond the music being a slightly upbead J-Pop song which sucks the tension out of the fight totally. The ending is also similar besides a few body parts thrown in, along with “Still Alive” being sung by, you guessed it, a Vocaloid. (I assume Miku, seeing how that was the GLaDOS model.)
But.. what else can I say? It’s Portal… With Vocaloid models. If this is what you are into, go for it. You should also download it for a good giggle or two.


Check out the mod here:

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