No More Room In Hell Released!!

The zombie mod we’ve all been waiting for is out now! The name, coined from the phrase “When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth” has just been released. Featuring a plethora of weapons to chose from, 8 player co-op gameplay, custom textures and maps, and custom – motion captured animations. Being in development since 2004 and being noticed by every modding site under the sun, No More Room In Hell is definitely one of the most popular zombie mods out there, and from the looks of things, its quite possibly the best and fully developed mod – but hey thats just my assumption. So lets go play and appreciate the vast amount of work which has been poured into this great mod!

Want to learn a bit about No More Room In Hell? Read their interview with us! Click there. Here.

Check out the release trailer below and download the mod here! [on their ModDB page]

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