Dynamic Zombie Sandbox v.95

Dynamic Zombie Sandbox is a coop multiplayer modification for ArmA 2 that includes a series of missions in which the group must complete varied objectives, which is exactly like the vanilla game except that this time you’re in the dark and surrounded by thousands of flesh eating ghouls.

The new .95 release fixes a lot of the bugs that came with the previous version, such as issues with the bodies piling up and hogging resources, a distinct lack of night vision goggles (flashlights were the standard in DZS matches up until now), and more efficient horde spawning. It’s a blast to play, but find someone to play with as the walkers like to come from unexpected directions and without warning.

You’ll need someone to carry an extra change of pants along with you too, because when you turn around and see those eyes glowing in the darkness the crap is going to fly out of you so fast you’ll hover off the chair.

Dynamic Zombie Sandbox




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