No More Room In Hell – Steam Skin and Updates

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, No More Room in Hell is a Zombie Mod for Half-Life 2 Featuring a sort of Objective Mode where you just have to complete some objectives and get out alive in a chopper, and a Survival Mode where you simply survive as long as you can through as many waves as you can.

Very recently they updated their mod to beta 1.04 adding the community member made sruvival map nms_isolated. Isolated is made by Lou Saffire  and is remake of the Night of the Living Dead Farmhouse made famous by George Romero. It’s a very fun map to play on  and I advise you to check it out.

Ontop of that, you can show your support to No More Room In Hell by Buying a T-Shirt and wearing it in public like a badass because we all know everyone knows what No More Room In Hell is all about.

Back when No More Room In Hell was in Development, they  released a Steam Skin, and I figured to give it a quick install, and share my thoughts on it with you guys.







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