Portal 1 and 2 Give-Away

It’s simple. We’re giving away Portal 1 and 2. 110% free, I paid for it with my own money, for you to keep. :D

All we ask is that you support Modinformer and help us grow.
This is how we would like you to go about that.

You have friends, and we don’t.  We would like to you tell recruit your friends into the Modinformer Army


If you’ve allready Liked and Followed us on Facebook and Twitter respectively you’re already half way there.
If you haven’t you’ll need to like us on at least one of those services in order to be able to be entered into the drawing for the give away.


After you’ve got us on Facebook and Twitter, here’s what you need to do to qualify for the drawing.
For Portal (1)
Get one of your friends to like us on one of the two services (Facebook and Twitter)

For Portal 2
Get two of your friends to like or follow us on either of the social networking services.


Next Saturday I’ll be doing the drawing for the two games and I’ll be checking to see if you are friends with anyone else who likes us on Facebook.

That is all.
For any questions email me or contact me at any of my contact under my Author Bio down below.

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