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When Im not writing an article, playing a mod, or reviewing a mod it seems like I’m doing research on mods. One of my favorite places to linger for up to date and cool Mod News is the GameMods subreddit which features a really good feed of news for all types of mods. Rehabscapi is one of the redditors on that subreddit who is hosting his own little mapping competition for Portal 2.

Weekend Portal Level Design Contest #1:

Space Core Training Facilities

The background for this test will be that the space core has somehow acquired funding for his own space launch and these test rooms represent his training for this launch. Goal: Create a Test chamber where within the tester must assist a sphere to the end of the chamber. Its layout should be similar to the original portal 1 Companion Cube level. One part of the room must require the sphere to be moved independently without the player directly using portals to move the sphere.

Prizes will be a hat or a gesture for your favorite cooperation robot. [Modinformer may give out a prize or two as well]

All level should be submitted by Sunday night 3 am PST after that results will be posted with about a week later with rewards going to the number of Steam votes and judges favored maps. Additional source modding is permitted however the deadlines for these challenges are taking into consideration so people just working with the in game editor will have equal chance to gain whatever prize we pull out.
Submitted entrees must have the words “Reddit Gamemods Portal Challenge Number 1 “ in its description for people to be able to find them.

Check out the original post Here.

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