MapTap Interview with PlanetPhillip.Com

So, a few of you may have heard of PlanetPhillip.Com, which is a website which hosts just about every single player Half-Life and Half-Life 2 map ever created. The biggest problem about playing Maps in either Half-Life 1 or 2 is you have to know how to use the console, move files into the correct path, and so on and so fourth And a beginner or average computer gamer probably won’t know how to do that. MapTap is your best friend if you don’t know how to start single player maps and you want to play them. It makes what can be a really repetitive task quick and easy.

Being the curious fellow that I am, and a good friend of Phillip, I conducted an interview with him and his coder Alex on MapTap, what went in to building it, the functions, and other random questions. Check it out below!



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