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Command and Conquer, Red Alert 3 was a difficult game for me to pick up. I am a big fan of strategy games, real time and otherwise, but the level and skill of both macro and micro management demanded for a victory in the online arena turned me off to it. It was a bit like Starcraft: if you had it figured out, you were a living god, smiting your enemies effortlessly from existence while at the same time providing them nothing to strike back at. If you didn’t, well… you saw your little digital army get brutally slaughtered. After a few dozen matches of watching improbably-sized blobs of Soviet war blimps overrun my perimeter with frightening zeal I moved on to other things. That isn’t to say I didn’t have fun. Some matches I did better than others, and the originality of the art, units, and world in which the game takes place made sure that even when I was getting my ass handed to me; it was still a pretty sight.

The Red Alert 3: Revolution mod, which was released just last week, aims to keep these core gameplay and art considerations that have made the series such an enduring hit. The mod focuses primarily on the abilities that individual units possess, to make the game more about how you command your army rather than how large it is, plus lots of little small changes ranging from what upgrades do to how the lighting looks (a lot better).

Here’s a better description, straight from the horses mouth:

Basically, the mod originally began as a little personal project of mine, as there were a few minor things (bugs, graphics etc.) that I wanted to change in the base Red Alert 3 game. However, as work on the mod progressed, it transformed into what has essentially amounted to rewriting entire aspects of the gameplay.

I’ve always been of the belief that at its core, Red Alert 3 was a good game, badly executed. As I have spent the past 3 years pretty much just trying to fix bugs and polish the gameplay/graphics, I do feel I may have been right in that belief.

Revolution is really what I feel Red Alert 3 could have been, had it had more time, effort and care put into it by the development team. It’s sort of a cross between a patch and an expansion pack, as I have tried very hard to give it a polished, professional feel. Very few aspects of the game remain untouched, as every unit/structure/weapon etc. has at least been touched-up around the edges to better fit in with the other aspects of the game.

Revolution may not seem on the surface to be as radical as mods such as Paradox, but I would say that the amount of effort put in would be about the same. There are hundreds of little things that will probably go unnoticed that took a great deal of effort to get working properly. I guess if people don’t notice some of the more subtle fixes, then I achieved what I was aiming for. -Ryan a.k.a. TX1138

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