Triage for Half Life 2 – Some Thoughts

In Triage you play as Matthew, caught up in the combine invasion you have banded with the resistance against the Combine.  Part 1  was officially recently released a few days ago and I recently got a chance to play it. First impressions aren’t very well… impressive. Its a typical Half Life 2 world mod, your just an average guy in the middle of it all, you have to fight for life, blah, blah, blah. Right now I’m interested in telling you what I think about this mod.

I first saw the mod on ModDB’s front page, i figured i would give it a spin, you begin the mod with a sort of duck-hunt tutorial that is actually a dream, you wake up and find yourself in the middle of a combine shootout (that seems to last forever) and its up to your sheer will to survive.

Most of the Half Life 2 game mechanics are left intact, however we now have the addition of  iron-sights and a few guns. To me, this is a good thing, as iron-sights are as familiar the toilet in my apartment on a drunken night. Another thing i feel like they did well was some of the environments , more or less a couple of specific areas, but it shows that there is some talent behind the makers of Triage.













Where there is good, there must be bad, and where there is Triage there must be hit or miss voice acting.  I’m not saying its awful or anything, but it just felt like there wasn’t anything behind it, no emotion. The guy that was supposed to be yelling at me in the middle of battle sounded like he was discussing his new job over lunch or something.

If you would like to undergo some torture, click here to download Triage Part 1.

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