Where have We Been??

Hey there, Friends!

I guess I’m chiming in to say, I still haven’t given up on Modinformer, and it’s more of a time issue than anything. Modinformer is still under my name, and I do not plan to give it up or give up on it. I still have projects i have plans for and stuff i’d like to eventually incorporate into Modinformer.

To give light onto my personal life, I recently moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend of 2 years, this new apartment features 2 bedrooms for us to put our STUFF into. I have claimed the bedroom i’m typing this in for myself, and my games, which gives me a nice opportunity to focus. I believe some people would call this type of room a “Study” .

I’ve watched alot of videos online, mainly Classic Game Room which inspired me to start reviewing mods in the first place, and when I watch these reviews it triggers the same feeling inside of me to start reviewing again, and start coming out with more content for everyone to enjoy. The most challenging thing for me is what should I review?

I believe, reviewing older mods is almost just as important as new mods, because as time progresses, all the those great mods on Doom, Quake, Half Life and other games get forgotten as newer computer gamers come into the picture.

So at the end of the day, I had conflicting views, as I wanted to run and get this great site off the ground something inside me told me to review all of the new mods that were coming out and getting alot of  attention on other sites like the beloved ModDB, at the same time, I wanted to review some of the older mods i know and grew up loving, but at the same time I felt that wasn’t what “the people” wanted.

To sum it all up, to get to the point, and to put a lid on it.

I’m going to review what I want, when i want, New, and Old. Weather the people want it or not.

I’m looking forward to doing my next review/video and i hope you are too.

Your friend, Shawn aka Deadrawkstar.


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  1. Matthew /

    Hey there Shawn, glad to hear you’re doing good. I’m not going away either and I hope you decide to keep this going, because as long as you do I will be here.

    I’m going to be on break soon, so I will see what articles I can scare up.

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