Coven is back from the Dead, Making Progress!

In it’s hay-day, Coven was known as a popular multiplayer mod. While at it’s crescendo it was gaining traction on the multiplayer scene, a source update back in 2011 halted the development of the mod. Since then, they’ve been dead.. but vampires don’t die… On Dec 4, 2014 the founder and leader of the 2211 Development Team, The_Technoviking announced on their forum he’s been talked into trying to make Coven on the Source 2013 engine. Taken straight from the forum-

“Fish_Bulb managed to talk me into giving Source another go. So from the ground up on source 2013 we go. I am very pleased with the changes to the 2013 source modding process (github and all that). Needless to say it is a much faster and easier path given the assets we already have in place. This has been going on for a bit, so I will let slip that I am near to a playable beta.”

Coven has been through the ringer of different game engines, going from Source 2006 to Source 2007, ioQuake3 and currently 2013. I spoke with The_Technoviking on why the mod was moved from engine to engine-

“We developed on Source 2006 starting in 2009. Sometime around July 2010 the OB/Source 2007 upgrades started rolling out that prompted us to start remaking everything on Source 2007. That went through July 2011 when we released the first Source 2007 version. Development continued until August 2012 when I got fed up with the constant Source patching causing me to have to rebuild certain things and servers not showing up in the server browser etc.”

Promising a new vision for Coven with maintaining alot of the original features, while also adding new gameplay elements such as skill based gameplay acquired with experience.  They also nod at the possibility of bots, so for times when the servers are empty you can still play Coven and get some vampire slaying in. In the article they also mention the need for team members. They need 2D artists, 3D modelers, and mappers to help get the project going. If you would like to join, start at Coven’s forum.


In the most recent article from The_TechnoViking, he teases the new HUD and goes into detail on what piece of the HUD does what, ending with another message asking for help on the mod from 2d artists.

Thanks for reading the article! Thanks to The_Technoviking for answering a few of my questions, and thanks to Fish_Bulb for pushing him to continue developing an awesome multiplayer mod!
Support them by dropping them a message on ModDB or Help them by joining their forum and lending any design talents you may have!

Links below for sources-

Dec 4 News Article
Dec 11 News Article
Coven ModDB Page
Coven Forum 

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