Half-Life – Arrangement Mod Update

Hi guys, this is a quick summary of the most recent update for the Highly Impressive Half-Life mod Arrangement.

In the article they mention the implementation of a new launcher which includes auto updates – This will be nice after release. Mod leader, SysOp goes on to talk bout cleaning up the code by removing a-lot of the unnecessary bits to improve almost everything about the mod. It’s faster now, which opens the door for developers to include more effects, detail and in their words “complex scenarios”.

A before and after example.

A before and after example.

Moving on, the article includes pictures of some of the available effects in the mod, including shadow mapping, cubemapping, high resolution textures, and also particle effects. Ohhhhh….. pretty :D.









On the development side of things, the Arrangement team has changed things in the GoldSource engine so when textures are missing or other errors show up they show up in a more understandable way. See below.


Wrapping up, the last thing is Arrangement has some new NPC models, and by the look of things, they’re pretty snazzy.


Either way. Arrangement is a very impressive mod, definitely one our most anticipated here on Modinformer. Support them on their ModDB page Here.
Check out their forum Here.

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