ModInformer.net is a fresh and active news website that focuses on all types of mods.

A mod, short for modification, is a community created game that runs on the engine of a professionally created video game. In order to play a mod you must own it’s the original game. Mods could be game styles, cheats or facilitators, and sometimes even completely new games. We at ModInformer.net are dedicated players who are big fans of mods. Our intensions are to spread modding to the mainstream and to inspire world famous developers into supporting mods, since it’s a way for the community to express what they want in their game.
Always with ModInformer you will be able to get the latest news, reviews and gameplay videos from the modding sphere.


Modinformer was started by Stalk or otherwise known as Felipe. Stalk came up with the name, site, logo, and got the site up and running originally (so all of that actually belongs to him). My name is Shawn – otherwise known as Deadrawkstar or the current Admin of Modinformer. Stalk recruited me as a reviewer back when the site was new and when I had the same idea has him – to start a mod news and review site. After Stalk went absent a time or two – when I wasn’t the admin – I was excited and had alot of content to submit to the site – and with Stalk absent I could not publish it. Somehow I managed to get a hold of the passwords, through Stalk, who explained to me he just wasn’t interested in mods anymore.

So, I took the reigns from there. I too, once lapsed in interest in mods for a good 6 months, After doing a long string of Mod News roundups – play was no longer work. After taking a good long break – here I am, Back in the saddle! This time around I’ll be doing what I love 100% of the time and focusing on 1 project at a time. The “New” Modinformer is now open to all for registration, but only the proven worthy can publish their own articles.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief story.  And one should know – the Cake is a lie!

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