Morrowind Rebirth Interview

Morrowind Rebirth is a Morrowind Mod[Duh] which is aptly named because it seems to be giving new life to Morrowind. Being a Elder Scrolls fan myself I’ve been tracking the Mod for quite some time on the ‘DB and decided to give Johan (aka Trancemaster) on ModDB a jingle to see if he wants an interview! Well, he came through for us and we produced...

MapTap Interview with PlanetPhillip.Com

In this Video Interview we talk with Phillip and Alex from PlanetPhillip.Com on their Map Distribution software - MapTap!

Episode 3: The Closure – Leon Brinkmann Interview

I would say Leon "SPYmaps" Brinkman is well known in the Half-Life 2 Modding community for his maps. He's produced 3 full length mods in the time he's been involved with Half-Life 2 and has previously released more content for other games.

Semi?Conversion – Phantasian Productions Interview Part 2

In the world of unofficial fan translations for the Japanese “Tales” series of jRPGS there are probably few groups who share the expiration and longevity of “Phantasian Productions“, for your consumption an interview with the studio “head” (if those terms are befitting of a fan driven endeavor): (continued from...

Semi?Conversion – Phantasian Productions Interview Part 1

Whether you believe it was the 16-bit era, or the 32-bit era, it’s hard to deny that it’s been a long while since the golden age of jRPGs. It seems like these days the average jRPG fan in the west is almost entirely dependent on either import, or localization of repeated franchise entries. In laymen terms “If it hasn’t already sold a...

Modinterrogation – Tom Bui of Valve Confesses about Steam Workshop!

The crew here at Modinformer infiltrated Valve Laboratories and took Tom Bui hostage, who told us everything that we wanted to know. Read more for a full transcript of his Interrogation.

Resistance and Liberation Interview

As Resistance and Liberation has come increasingly closer to a release, version 1.6 is now in sight, with a release date set around the 29th – Rob and I had a chance to have a chat with several of the guys from RnL. [Modinformer]Shawn “Deadrawkstar” Kiehl:   So, starting off like the rest of the interviews – how’s...

Arrangement Interview

If there was ever a mod that pushed the Goldsource engine to the limits, this is it. Arrangement is a Half-Life 1 mod currently in development, and Modinformer got the chance to have a nice little chat with the masters of Half Life - find out more in the interview!

ModTalk Podcast #2

Here's our second ever podcast. If you count how many times I say "umm" in the podcast, you get a cookie. We're a little rough around the edges still, but the podcast is worth it for the interview with C-Zom. Give it a listen.

Puny Human Games Interview – Blade Symphony

I've recently reviewed Blade Symphony for the source engine. The mod was so intriguing to me, I had to interview them. Blade Symphony is definitely one of the most unique mods out there...