Cry of Fear – 7 Minutes of Gameplay

The guys over at Team Psykskallar have certainly outdone themselves with this one. About a month or so back, they promised us a 7 minute game-play video. And here it is.

Mod News Round-Up: July 3rd-9th

I’ve decided to continue these, but I won’t be writing every single update mods make down anymore, it’s just way too much work. So now, when it comes time to writing what I’ll be saying for the updates, I’ll just look at the update and write it down – it seems much more simpler. That enough of this bulls***. Here’s the...

Mod News Round-Up 19th-25th

Here's the mod news round-up from the past week of June 19th-25th.

ModNews – June 12th-18th

Here's the Mod News Roundup for June 12th through the 18th.

ModNews – June 6th-11th

Here's the latest news update from us at ModDb, I figured these should be thrown up on here once and awhile, so, enjoy the video along with this long list of Updates and Releases.

Modinformer Mod News Episode 1

We got a few suggestions to start doing a weekly roundup sort of post, and I figured – Why Not? So, here is the first weekly mod news update, from...