Half-Life – Arrangement Mod Update

Hi guys, this is a quick summary of the most recent update for the Highly Impressive Half-Life mod Arrangement. In the article they mention the implementation of a new launcher which includes auto updates – This will be nice after release. Mod leader, SysOp goes on to talk bout cleaning up the code by removing a-lot of the unnecessary bits to improve...

How I Drag Half Life 1 and 2 into 2012

For a little while the Half Life 2 Update¬†has been taking up space on my desktop, but little did I know this would spur my lust for a graphical overhaul mod that does a little bit more than a couple cool visual tweaks with HDR and some bug fixes which have been pointed out by the steam forums. In a nutshell, I’m looking for anything that updates graphics...

MapTap Interview with PlanetPhillip.Com

In this Video Interview we talk with Phillip and Alex from PlanetPhillip.Com on their Map Distribution software - MapTap!

Cry of Fear – 7 Minutes of Gameplay

The guys over at Team Psykskallar have certainly outdone themselves with this one. About a month or so back, they promised us a 7 minute game-play video. And here it is.