Modinterrogation – Tom Bui of Valve Confesses about Steam Workshop!

The crew here at Modinformer infiltrated Valve Laboratories and took Tom Bui hostage, who told us everything that we wanted to know. Read more for a full transcript of his Interrogation.

No More Room In Hell Released!!

The zombie mod we’ve all been waiting for is out now! The name, coined from the phrase “When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth” has just been released. Featuring a plethora of weapons to chose from, 8 player co-op gameplay, custom textures and maps, and custom – motion captured animations. Being in development...

Jumping the Bandwagon: The Stanley Parable

More like it's own genre then a Mod, The Stanley Parable will hopefully trigger a new era in gaming where actions are just as important as the story written out to them.

Singing songs of horror with Portal – Vocaloid Edition

Obviously without any sort of new content beyond asset replacements, Portal Vocaloid Edition fills the void that only strange and robotic J-Pop can provide.

Cry of Fear – 7 Minutes of Gameplay

The guys over at Team Psykskallar have certainly outdone themselves with this one. About a month or so back, they promised us a 7 minute game-play video. And here it is.

A Mission Worth Fighting For: Mission Improbable

Reminiscent of a Valve-styled level design and execution, Mission Improbable Episodes 1 and 2 delivers a lot of fun in a small package.

Resistance and Liberation Interview

As Resistance and Liberation has come increasingly closer to a release, version 1.6 is now in sight, with a release date set around the 29th – Rob and I had a chance to have a chat with several of the guys from RnL. [Modinformer]Shawn “Deadrawkstar” Kiehl:   So, starting off like the rest of the interviews – how’s...

(Badly) Attempting to Survive

With fantastic mapping and concept, "Attempt to Survive" collapses in on itself from poor story and unclear objectives.

Disillusioned by Dissolution

While teeming and boiling over with potential, Dissolution falls quickly with unnecessary spotlight on backstory while mapping, mechanics and fun slump to the back and are ignored totally.

Strange Name, great game: Joutomaa

Using the Half Life saga as a springboard, the first installment of the Joutomaa series is well polished, fun and challenging.