How I Drag Half Life 1 and 2 into 2012

For a little while the Half Life 2 Update has been taking up space on my desktop, but little did I know this would spur my lust for a graphical overhaul mod that does a little bit more than a couple cool visual tweaks with HDR and some bug fixes which have been pointed out by the steam forums. In a nutshell, I’m looking for anything that updates graphics...

ArmA 2: Day Z Mod

If you’ve ever watched The Walking Dead, you know that aside from the severe emotional trauma and the possibility of being eaten alive, a zombie apocalypse is fun as hell. Suddenly nothing costs money, private property only exists under the point of a gun, and shooting that annoying neighbor is totally justified. Aside from your dysfunctional/plucky/murderous...

Morrowind Rebirth Interview

Morrowind Rebirth is a Morrowind Mod[Duh] which is aptly named because it seems to be giving new life to Morrowind. Being a Elder Scrolls fan myself I’ve been tracking the Mod for quite some time on the ‘DB and decided to give Johan (aka Trancemaster) on ModDB a jingle to see if he wants an interview! Well, he came through for us and we produced...

MapTap Interview with PlanetPhillip.Com

In this Video Interview we talk with Phillip and Alex from PlanetPhillip.Com on their Map Distribution software - MapTap!

Episode 3: The Closure – Leon Brinkmann Interview

I would say Leon "SPYmaps" Brinkman is well known in the Half-Life 2 Modding community for his maps. He's produced 3 full length mods in the time he's been involved with Half-Life 2 and has previously released more content for other games.

Wolfenstein 3D Mods 101

To many, Wolfenstein 3D is considered to be the godfather of all first person shooters. While Wolfenstein 3D wasn’t the first game to be in first person, it was definitely the first game to incorporate a gun in the use of a first person perspective in a 3D environment.  Comparing Wolf3D to many of the modern shooters, the basics are still similar. You got...

No More Room In Hell – Steam Skin and Updates

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, No More Room in Hell is a Zombie Mod for Half-Life 2 Featuring a sort of Objective Mode where you just have to complete some objectives and get out alive in a chopper, and a Survival Mode where you simply survive as long as you can through as many waves as you can. Very recently they updated their mod to beta 1.04...

Modinterrogation – Tom Bui of Valve Confesses about Steam Workshop!

The crew here at Modinformer infiltrated Valve Laboratories and took Tom Bui hostage, who told us everything that we wanted to know. Read more for a full transcript of his Interrogation.

Skyrim Released, Modification Begins in Earnest

The modders, after waiting about six nanoseconds, begin doing what they do best: putting in all the things that the developers didn’t see fit to include. Some things are common sense, some venture into stranger territory.

No More Room In Hell Released!!

The zombie mod we’ve all been waiting for is out now! The name, coined from the phrase “When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth” has just been released. Featuring a plethora of weapons to chose from, 8 player co-op gameplay, custom textures and maps, and custom – motion captured animations. Being in development...