Brutal Doom – Mod Review and Version 20 News!

Hi guys! First review in awhile….. Or Click HERE to watch it on Youtube. In other news. Brutal Doom Version 20 is nearing release. Sargeant Mark IV is also working to make Brutal Doom compatible with wads with custom graphics. Such as Freedoom or Back to Saturn X, Here’s some teaser gameplay footage. Or Click HERE to watch it on...

Mod Review – Prometheus for UT3

This is our first video review in a loooooonng time! From now on I’ll be reviewing at my “leisure”. Thanks to everyone who’s been patiently waiting for more posts, and enjoy the review! Download the Prometheus mod on the ModDB downloads page which you can find from here: You would want to download the...

How I Drag Half Life 1 and 2 into 2012

For a little while the Half Life 2 Update has been taking up space on my desktop, but little did I know this would spur my lust for a graphical overhaul mod that does a little bit more than a couple cool visual tweaks with HDR and some bug fixes which have been pointed out by the steam forums. In a nutshell, I’m looking for anything that updates graphics...

No More Room In Hell – Steam Skin and Updates

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, No More Room in Hell is a Zombie Mod for Half-Life 2 Featuring a sort of Objective Mode where you just have to complete some objectives and get out alive in a chopper, and a Survival Mode where you simply survive as long as you can through as many waves as you can. Very recently they updated their mod to beta 1.04...

Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius Review

There are those who say that the long lineage of space combat sims has no living heir, that the ideas once championed by the likes of “X Wing Vs Tie Fighter”, “Wing Commander” or even ” Star Trek: Bridge Commander ” have been lost to the ages. When I encounter those people, I have to resist a persistent urge not to slap...

Jumping the Bandwagon: The Stanley Parable

More like it's own genre then a Mod, The Stanley Parable will hopefully trigger a new era in gaming where actions are just as important as the story written out to them.

Singing songs of horror with Portal – Vocaloid Edition

Obviously without any sort of new content beyond asset replacements, Portal Vocaloid Edition fills the void that only strange and robotic J-Pop can provide.

A Mission Worth Fighting For: Mission Improbable

Reminiscent of a Valve-styled level design and execution, Mission Improbable Episodes 1 and 2 delivers a lot of fun in a small package.

(Badly) Attempting to Survive

With fantastic mapping and concept, "Attempt to Survive" collapses in on itself from poor story and unclear objectives.

Breaking into something fun: Outpost 16

Using jaw-dropping visuals, incredible voice acting and nonstop action, Outpost 16 shows what a Half Life 2 Mod has the capability of being in a sadly short package.