Disillusioned by Dissolution

While teeming and boiling over with potential, Dissolution falls quickly with unnecessary spotlight on backstory while mapping, mechanics and fun slump to the back and are ignored totally.

Strange Name, great game: Joutomaa

Using the Half Life saga as a springboard, the first installment of the Joutomaa series is well polished, fun and challenging.

Not wanting to go back after all: Black Mesa Fallback

While an intresting concept, Black Mesa Fallback falls back on using dated models, textures and unoptomized mapping that clashes with the current-generation Half Life 2 engine.

Return: What a mod should be.

Short, sweet and to the point: Return beings a fantastic new level in map design, custom content and puzzles within the Half Life 2 engine.

Haphazardly Remembering: Portal Memories

Portal Memories is a victim wasted potential: Poor mapping and focus kill the project midway through it's run, despite its first episode being utterly fantastic.

Going way back with Portal: Prelude

While a great mod and one of the most cherished in the Portal community, Prelude's difficulty and rough edges make it a game you need to be prepared for.

Half-Life: ESCAPE Series Review

For whatever reason, recently, an old mod from 2007 had some image updates on ModDB, despite being completed. This older mod was known as Half-Life: ESCAPE. Barring the fact I got into the modding scene after it released, it seemed newer to me, so I decided to give it a go for fun. Immediately I notice a few things amiss: most of the mapping is taken from Decay....

Research and Development Review

This is a review of the puzzle-centric mod, Research and Development, which was developed by Mbortolino, and released July 14th,...

Underhell Prologue Review

Underhell Prologue is an Action Mystery mod for Half Life 2, developed by Mxthe and Wecreatestuff. Underhell was overall a good mod, with good maping, and the smod integration was the icing on the cake, watch the video for the full...

Half-Life: Precursor Review

Many times, people say that they can make mods using little more than the base content from Half-Life 2. Sometimes, they’re right. Most of the time, they’re utterly, horridly wrong. Precursor is one of those mods that floats in the middle, leaning more to the “right” side. The story of the mod is that you play as a character named M....