Haphazardly Remembering: Portal Memories

Portal Memories is a victim wasted potential: Poor mapping and focus kill the project midway through it's run, despite its first episode being utterly fantastic.

Going way back with Portal: Prelude

While a great mod and one of the most cherished in the Portal community, Prelude's difficulty and rough edges make it a game you need to be prepared for.

Half-Life: ESCAPE Series Review

For whatever reason, recently, an old mod from 2007 had some image updates on ModDB, despite being completed. This older mod was known as Half-Life: ESCAPE. Barring the fact I got into the modding scene after it released, it seemed newer to me, so I decided to give it a go for fun. Immediately I notice a few things amiss: most of the mapping is taken from Decay....

Half-Life: Precursor Review

Many times, people say that they can make mods using little more than the base content from Half-Life 2. Sometimes, they’re right. Most of the time, they’re utterly, horridly wrong. Precursor is one of those mods that floats in the middle, leaning more to the “right” side. The story of the mod is that you play as a character named M....

Empires: A Review

Empires, is a Half-life 2 or Source engine mod, attempting (and in most cases succeeding) in crossing three genres and amalgamating them into one hell of an online multiplayer experience. Vehicular combat, RTS, and FPS are all combined to make a team based online shooter. The game modes which are in the mod’s current release are a FPS staple capture point...