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Mod Informer is completely open to anyone who wants to be part of it… well, only if you are experienced though. Whether you want to write, record gameplays or make reviews, you got to have experience with mods. And not only that; if you want to write, you have to have writing skills. If you want to record gameplays, you got to have a decent computer, good and realistic playing skills (that means no bunny hopping, hacking,  and avoid rushing and using cheats) plus know how to record your gameplay. If you want to make reviews, you have two choices: you can either write them or make video reviews. You can choose both, but if you prefer writing, you must have writing skills and reviewing skills. If you prefer video, you must have writing skills, reviewing skills AND a good voice and microphone (recording gameplay is optional).

If you believe you can do something different, share your idea with us!

Anyway, if you believe you are capable of joining MI, send me an email at [email protected]


P.S. We try to avoid Half-Life 2 mod players… we already have enough.

Request a ModPlay

If you have a favorite mod you want us to check out, or you want your mod to be checked out (or even reviewed) then send us a email to [email protected]

Note: We encourage mod developers to send us their mods a few days before it’s release, that way we can can record it, review it, and then publish the video right on time or even a few hours before. We also offer good quality beta testing.


If you feel like being interviewed for some reason, feel free to send us a email to [email protected] . But usually we come knocking on your door.

MI Members

Felipe “Stalk” - [email protected] - Original Creator

Shawn “Deadrawkstar”[email protected] - Current Site Admin

Ian “Dr. Doozer” - [email protected]

Matthew “Tattat44″ Hutchings – [email protected]

Jack “Jsaur” Jones – [email protected]

James “Mortality” – [email protected]


If you simply want to contact us, give some suggestions, or if you’re here for serious business, send us a email to [email protected]

Thanks for the support!

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