Recommended Sites

General Mod Sites

Sites with the main emphasis on highlighting Mods.


“Mod DB is the largest website dedicated to supporting independent development of games (user generated game content), including mods, addons and DLC. The aim of Mod DB is to unite developers, players and their ideas, empowering them to shape the games we play.”

It’s Mods

It’s Mods is the biggest site featuring Call of Duty: Black Ops mods, as well as Modern Warfare 2 and Valve games.

Mod Sentry

News about Source game mods, and equally as awesome as Modinformer!

Gaming Sites with Modding Articles

Bigger Sites like Rock Paper Shotgun,  PC Gamer and Gamefront that include Mods in their articles.
We made this easy for ya – Linked Straight to the Sites.

Rock Paper Shotgun – Modding

A really good variety of Mods show up under the watchful eye of the Rock Paper Shotgun team.
RPS doesn’t have the most frequent posts, but the idea here is quality over quantity.

FilePlanet: Mods

Fileplanet hits us with a one two punch of hosting Mods and posting articles about them.
You’ll have to blow the dust off the page though – the most recent  article was posted 2 months before i’m typing this!

Half Life or Valve Related Sites

The original Half-Life was created on a heavily Modified Quake 1 Engine, with a few bits of code from Quake 2.
So, in theory Valve are Modders as well!  Oh yeah – their games are heavily Moddable too, and have been Modded since they’ve been released. Half-Life 1 is still seeing mods being developed for it.


“The site lists and reviews single player maps and mods for the Half-Life series of games. In fact, that’s actually not as specific as it could be because it really only covers first person shooters and maps and mods set within the HL universe.”

Podcast 17

“Podcast 17 is a weekly audio show in which William and a selection of co-hosts discuss mods and news from the Valve/Half-Life sphere. The admin of; Deadrawkstar – is also a co-host of the podcast.”

Half-Life Creations

Half-Life Creations is “designed to be a haven for modelers, skinners, coders and developers of all types that have a focus with Half-Life, Half-Life 2 and anything related to the both of them. It is the mission statement of this web site to provide a professional atmosphere in one of the most well respected gaming communities on the face of the earth.”

The Cake is a Pie

“The Cake is a Pie is a video-blog dedicated to reviewing and showcasing the latest, greatest and their embarrassing counterparts in Portal custom mapping.”

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